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Unique to MIP is our billing model. There is no upfront capital outlay for MIP's financial administration systems and no hidden billing. Instead, we share our clients' risks while helping them to grow their business. By creating true partnerships with our clients, their success is in our best interest, which is why some companies have been with MIP for over 18 years. MIP is one of the very few software companies that create longevity, stability, and reliability for our clients. Because MIP understands the business of financial administration, we offer more than technical knowledge to our clients. Our services include over two decades of experience, ingenuity, perception, and a distinctive way of dealing with our clients' individual needs. Our roots in emerging markets give us the advantage of delivering cost-effective solutions that meet the current financial conditions across the globe.

The ideal solution that provides peace of mind for customers, as well as guaranteed long-term income for IT vendors, is an arrangement in which corporations outsource their full IT infrastructure to an IT vendor with guarantees of service delivery. Not the usual outsourcing arrangement we are used to, however, but one in which costs are as constant as the technology service delivered. If done correctly, as the risk-based billing model devised by MIP Holdings has demonstrated, customers can hand over their entire IT function to an outsourcer, retaining only one IT employee at the CTO or IT manager level. The current trend is to call the concept or service delivery “Software-as-a-service” or SaaS. The recommended SaaS service model delivers a business service – the actual technology behind the service is the turf of the vendor and irrelevant to the customer. It may sound unusual, but, in this business model, all parties are compelled to act in the best interest of the customer’s company. If the vendor is not prepared to lay down some form of risk/reward, then the solution was probably not right for the customer.

The risk factor drives the vendor to make certain that concepts are clear, and deadlines are managed and delivered. The vendor cannot simply rely on a well-known brand, for example, “no one ever got fired for buying IBM”, but has the same vested interest as the customer that a functional system is delivered. As the vendor foots the bill until implementation is complete, all specifications and requirements will be written in plain English to ensure everybody understands what is expected. Not one company can do it all, not even IBM or HP. The services model MIP promotes may only present one face to the customer, but, behind the scenes, hardware, software and networking companies partner up to deliver the full solution at the best price possible.