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MiDigitalStack makes it easy to store all business-related documentation and to classify the content type for intelligent storage and linking to the appropriate meta-data in the system. For example, an ID document will be linked to the ID number of the person concerned, whilst a photo of accident damage to a vehicle might be linked to the claim record concerned.

Integration with system context makes for easy natural searching when combined with our powerful configurable indexing. The actual images can be stored in a third-party image repository system of your choice or MIP can offer its standard product called MiMedia.


  • Server application
  • Architecture
  • Plugins
  • Archiving
  • Document rendering
  • Document scanning
  • Document distribution
  • Bot indexing
  • Security
  • User Interface
  • Operating system
  • Document flow
  • Email split and manage
  • Integration into 3rd party
  • High availability
  • Transport protocols supported
  • Software build and manage
  • Database
  • File conversion support
  • Content viewers
  • Additional features
  • Support


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