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Monitoring trends in relevant industries and in the appropriate technologies will give you the leading edge.

research-and-development   OVERVIEW

We continually strive to provide current and practical business solutions to clients because, by monitoring trends and technologies, they are able to offer you the most recent innovations worldwide. Their dedicated team of experts identify, select and implement the latest technological enhancements to the applicable service verticals.

web-user-interface   WEB USER INTERFACE

We deploy all of our solutions via web-based protocols and technologies. This means that the benefits described above may be used inside and outside of the physical confines of the business. Processes may include on-line collaboration with business partners, brokers, customers and even suppliers. There is even the possibility for staff to work entirely from home.

questionnairs   QUESTIONNAIRES

Historically many paper-based business processes were driven by questionnaires. MIP’s systems allow you to define your own questionnaires, complete with the power of on-line processing. These may be used to capture, validate and store information in real time, and immediately feed this into the Workflow system to orchestrate complex business processes without relying on human- and-paper based controls.

communications   COMMUNICATIONS

More important and diverse than ever before, you’ll find that our administration systems cater for telephone calls, email, SMS, fax and website enquiries.

multimedia-doc-storage   MULT-MEDIA DOC STORAGE

You will benefit from the fact that document storage and retrieval is standardised throughout MIP’s financial service verticals. In addition to this, MIP’s SOA implementation enables the integration of any of our solutions to all new or legacy document storage solutions that may already be in place.

call-logging   CALL LOGGING

By incorporating this, all telephonic calls between the business and its customers may be logged and attached to the relevant membership or policy records. What’s more - your call logs can be integrated into your telephony system.

workflow   WORKFLOW

All our solutions have Workflow “out of the box”. This places our clients in a powerful position where business processes, often considered to be the most valuable IP, can be uniquely defined and implemented for each client. These unique processes are built by reusing standard components provided within the solution. Our Workflow orchestrates even the most complex of business processes.

soa   SOA

As our largest and most recent project, SOA is the platform upon which our solutions are built - enabling us to offer you services in an open way. This supports the ideals sought by many businesses, namely the building of large-scale corporate solutions on the aggregation of various services required by the business process.



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