Managed Health



are you looking for an all-inclusinve medical system?

MIP Managed Health is the software solution to meet the dynamic requirements of your medical scheme administration.

managed-health   MANAGED HEALTH

Our Managed Health software is used by the Medical Services Organisation (MSO) to manage Hospital Risk because it is a secure, stable and economically viable software solution. Backed up by a team of highly skilled developers, quality assurance and support personnel, it has become a key component in MSO’s service offering to Medical Aid Schemes.

intigration   INTEGRATION

Full integration, either in batch mode or in online real-time mode, with clients’ medical aid administration systems.

data-warehouse   DATA WAREHOUSE

All data from the risk management programme is exported into a data warehouse in order to analyse trends for specific clients, or overall trends for the industry at large.

specialist-risk-management   SPECIALIST RISK MANAGEMENT

This system also enables specialist programmes such as radiology, psychiatry and oncology, for example.

disease-management   DISEASE MANAGEMENT

Includes specialised modules for Chronic Disease Management and Patient Support Programmes.

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automated-communication   AUTOMATED COMMUNICATION

Member management is enhanced as service providers can communicate directly with clients via email and fax. With certain Schemes, members receive SMS communication pertaining to their pre-authorisations.

online-queries   ONLINE QUERIES

Web access allows hospitals to query the status of pre-authorisations and claims. MIP Managed Health also facilitates membership validity queries for the existing client base

clinical-audit   CLINICAL AUDIT

This process also includes automatic medicine price auditing.

case-management   CASE MANAGEMENT

Your higher risk cases can be easily tracked and traced.

pre-authorisation   PRE-AUTHORISATION

These are derived from a comprehensive set of medical protocols built into the managed care system to manage and track all your hospital pre-authorisations.



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