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Integrated Lending Solutions are the asset and property finance solution you can rely on.


Integrated Lending Solutions (ILS) meets both the technical and business needs of this environment. Open technology allows easy integration to other third party applications and the ILS also enables aggressive business strategies so that you can secure new opportunities.

The ILS administers a wide range of loan structures secured against most collateral classes, including personal loans, group scheme loans, development finance, home loans, industrial and commercial finance, structured finance, securitisation, motor vehicle and other moveable asset finance. 

First commissioned in 1993 by a leading South African bank, the ILS was designed to deal in commercial, industrial and structured finance banking to replace their existing lending systems. The result was a solution that provided such enhanced capabilities that the bank started using the system in other divisions to administer and manage corporate loans. Instead of the generic, international system they had been using, the bank found that the ILS could meet their individual, changing needs. 

Today the ILS has more than two decades of additional experience and system enhancement, offering new levels of operational efficiency. By utilising the latest technologies and staying on top of the ever-changing business and regulatory requirements, it remains the system of choice of leading financial institutions.


All client administration functions take place online, in real time via an interactive, web-based front-end. All transactions and their effects are immediately available for enquiry and further processing. Business process and business continuity documentation is used for detailed training and user support across all levels of the business.

Search engines facilitate quick access to client, account, ledger, loan security and other information. This provides a one-stop access to all client information, allowing users to effectively deal with client queries while on the telephone.


With access via remote sites, trustees, companies, members, providers and brokers can access member data on a single, scrollable screen rather than via a complex menu-structure. This design enables administrators to map clinical information to financial information with ease.


This is enabled by document tracking inflow, document generation and document tracking outflow.


An online diary enables administrators to link any type of diary item to an account, providing event and action reminders with escalations. This includes client CRM information, client structures, call logging and loan security or other transactional information.


Our system provides for multiple products:

  • full debtor accounting; dynamic fee structuring;
  • interest and installment plans (arrears or advance, any period type) as well as funding and margin management.
This includes derivative funding (BA), group exposure (risk) profiles, group schemes, electronic funds transfers (ACB) and payroll deduction systems.


You will benefit from a system that provides solution architecture for the quick deployment of products, administration and management processes through:

  • secured and unsecured lending
  • many-to-many relationships
  • parameter-driven
  • data exchange and
  • web functionality


Comprises security, letters of undertaking, credit control, legislative requirements, access control and an audit trail.

Extensive and integrated property and bond data functions facilitate accurate exposure management. This includes a powerful search engine; valuation data; multiple property links per account; multiple bond types (principle, surety, collateral, etc.); multiple bonds per property; multiple properties per bond; as well as movable asset and sundry security details to maintain non-property security (e.g. motor vehicles, computers, shares and cessions).

Letters of Undertaking (Guarantees)
The system stores and maintains outstanding commitments and issued guarantees, providing the relevant management controls.

Credit Control
Online management of due payments; projected receipts and age analyses (including full arrears and management control reporting) ensure regular reviews of all loans.

Legislative Requirements
Data management and reporting functionality facilitate legislative requirements, such as DTI returns, FICA, Basel II and National Credit Bill requirements.

Access control
Standard or individual access profiles for administrators, managers and lenders facilitate the management of dynamic and auditable menus, and access down to account and field level.

Audit Trail
There is full before and after detail of data changes (including detailed staff, date and time information, etc.)


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