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PilotFish is a fully functional, rapid integration system. The eiPlatform, eiConsole, eiDashboard, and eiPortal were all conceived, developed, and enhanced in response to the specific needs of integration specialists working on actual projects. This real-world experience is at the core of its success. The PilotFish technology gets the job done. Today, Fortune 500 companies, governments and Standards organisations have come to rely on PilotFish.

PilotFish technology focuses on Java, J2EE, XML, Web Services and related e-commerce technologies; yet possesses a fundamental understanding of the legacy systems still prevalent today.

PilotFish products and services are widely accepted and have maintained a perfect track record of successful, on-time, on-budget implementations.

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PilotFish tools help overcome the challenges of working with legacy standards, technologies and systems that were not designed to be inter-operable. They securely enable the sharing of information across the entire health industry value chain connection with legacy and modern systems. Our specific emphasis on supporting HL7 and industry XML standards, taken together with many other productivity-enhancing features, allows our integration engine solution to deliver on the promise of a seamlessly integrated healthcare system.


PilotFish provides the tools for implementing EDI and XML Standards including ACORD, AL3, CLIEDIS, and DTCC. Our tools and vast ACORD subject matter expertise are among the reasons why PilotFish is a recognised leader in tools for ACORD implementation. Our eiPlatform is the integration engine behind the ACORD Testing and Certification Facility (TCF) that is used to validate ACORD members’ messages. PilotFish also collaborated with ACORD on the development of the eiConsole for ACORD, the leading tool for ACORD integration.


PilotFish offers MISMO and Financial XML standards implementation tools that let you leverage application server technology and web services. With our tools, you can benefit from a proven integration solution that supports the unique requirements of MISMO, DTCC and other financial XML standards and enables seamless communication.


eiConsole (Interface Engine IDE)
The eiConsole’s graphical developer’s workstation makes creating anything from simple to complex interfaces easy. Users follow a graphical assembly-line, filling out configuration screens, selecting from drop down menus and performing data mapping via drag and drop to configure interfaces. Once configured, interfaces can be deployed on the eiPlatform with just a few mouse clicks.

eiPlatform (Interface Engine)
The eiPlatform integration engine offers providers of cloud services, software applications and equipment makers a turn-key solution. It can be licensed by end users or bundled with your applications and deployed at client sites. It is proven and scalable to fit any requirement and complemented by the eiConsole IDE which together provide the most advanced solution suite for systems integration available.

eiDashboard (Interface Monitoring)
The eiDashboard is an operational interface reporting and management tool, designed for developers and business users alike. Users can view interface activity, from high-level message orchestrations, all the way down to discrete operations; gain access to fix issues on the fly, and view the kind of operational detail that enables troubleshooting and resolving issues at a greater speed, and far more efficiently than was previously possible.

eiPortal (Onboarding Resource)
The eiPortal is a self-service online resource that automates the customer onboarding process. eiPortal users are provided with a web repository of everything required to build interfaces to your system. A fully automated testing facility enables message submission, certification, validation and emulation of data exchanges before going live.


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