About MIP Holdings (Pty) Ltd

A lot has happened since 1990. We saw the launch of the Hubble Telescope, the Internet was born, and the Soviet Union fell. And since 1990, MIP has been making the administration systems of financial services companies more effective and easier to use.

Our mission is to make the collection of contributions and payment of benefits an efficient and successful process for our clients and their customers. We seem to be succeeding, as MIP has the most policies under administration in South Africa – leaving our competitors well behind. The proof is in the results: MIP has never made a loss in any one month since inception, and we have seen solid financial growth over our 27 years in operation.


Many competitors have come and gone over the years, but none has managed to maintain the technology transformation that is required to remain competitive in this space. Our ability to transition through the many technological innovations over the last 30 years has been the secret to our success.

We don’t just use innovative technologies; we have built our company on innovating within the technology we use as well as in our solutions. Our Research and Innovation unit focuses on ensuring that we stay ahead of new technologies and continue to develop our leadership role.

Today, we have the broadest functional technology stack supporting the financial services industry, and are constantly adding to our formidable arsenal of administration platforms. Our technology stack boasts all the current innovations required of any modern software engineering company, including mobile apps, B2B2C, web, services, cloud, nTier and object orientation.

Sector-specific focus

Our 330-strong team is spread across offices in Johannesburg, Cape Town and Stellenbosch. Each of our operational divisions focuses on a specific sector in delivering systems to end users for fund, scheme and financial products.

But enough about us, let’s talk about you

We touch the lives of some 12,000,000 South Africans. This is a quarter of the country’s population, and a far higher percentage of the economically active population. And we’re not stopping there: we are expanding into sub-Saharan Africa, so watch this space!

MIP Healthcare

MIP started life as a software engineering provider to medical schemes, and this division is the original operational unit of MIP. Currently the second largest division in the company, it is responsible for the flagship products MIP Healthcare and MIP Managed Care.

MIP Healthcare is an administration system for medical schemes, allowing them to administer members under full or partial administration. As the name implies, MIP Managed Care is a managed care and case management system.

MIP Employee Benefits

This division supplies software engineering to the retirement funding industry and covers the needs of pension and provident funds and third party administrators. It supplies and supports MIP Employee Benefits, an administration system for retirement funds catering for defined benefit and defined contribution funds.

MIP Personal Finance

MIP Personal Finance is our largest division, and is responsible for MIP Life, MIP Wealth and MIP Vehicle Warranty. These are administration systems for life schemes, unit trusts, living annuities, preservation funds, LISP and other financial investment products, as well as vehicle warranties.

MIP Lending

Our newest division, MIP Lending was acquired from Nedbank in order to provide a fully featured lending administration system for asset finance, structured finance, home loans, personal and group scheme loans, development finance and securitisation.

Research and Innovation

A cornerstone of the business, Research and Innovation supplies proven and effective underlying technology to MIP’s operational divisions in the form of a common development framework. Responsible for researching new technologies, this division delivers a consistent development platform to our own applications.

Covering all functions that are common across our range of applications, the development framework ensures that all applications benefit from using the same technology. New technologies are incorporated into development framework before being released to MIP’s developers in the application divisions.